Loyalty Alliance

Predictive Data Analytics Services

We offer customer database consulting and data-driven marketing advisory services to help our clients increase market share and enter new markets by leveraging our dynamic database and our data analytics capabilities. Working with clients individually, we create customized solutions that best meet each client's particular strengths and market positioning.

We also provide valuable customer data integration services, where we combine the technology, processes and services needed to implement and maintain an accurate, timely, complete and comprehensive representation of a customer across multiple channels, business-lines, and enterprises. We typically derive this data from multiple sources, application systems and databases. We then present these attributes to our clients to help them design and implement a more precise marketing and retention campaign.

Since each client has its own unique needs, we do not have pre-set packages available, but rather we develop a hybrid of marketing and consulting services, often using aspects of our other businesses, on a project-by-project basis.