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Multi-Channel Direct Marketing

We provide our clients with Multi-Channel Direct Marketing services including customer acquisition and customer retention. Coupled with our customer loyalty and predictive data analytics services, our multi-channel direct marketing services help our clients better understand their customers' needs and buying behavior, leading to customer-oriented products, services and focused marketing programs to increase their profitability.

  1. Customer Acquisition Services
  2. Customer Retention Services

Customer Acquisition Services

We provide data-driven multi-channel direct marketing solutions that combine database direct marketing technology and analysis with a broad range of direct marketing services. We use data, database technologies and data analysis to assist our clients in acquiring new customers. Our marketing programs target individual consumers and provide a measurable return on our clients' marketing investments. We use a data-driven multi- channel marketing approach to ensure that we can reach these customers in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our key direct marketing channels are as follows:

  • Internet
    We use push technology, or technology in which the information transmitted is initiated by the merchant to the consumer, to deliver merchant messages, discounts, coupons and offers directly to a consumer's computer. We are also taking advantage of RFID technology that is increasingly being embedded into mobile phones SIM card in China to allow consumers to redeem these Internet coupons and discounts and pay for these products and services via their mobile phones (sometimes referred to as "Mobile e-Wallet").
  • Location-Based Marketing Services (e.g., SMS and location-based applications)
    We work with our clients to develop highly focused targeted marketing using location-based technologies such as SMS. We work with our clients to develop consumer profiles of the ideal shopper for their products and use our proprietary database to deliver targeted marketing messages to consumers fitting these profiles within a pre-set geography. As an example, we use SMS technology to distribute coupons and discounts to individuals located near a client's store who have exhibited a past inclination towards purchasing similar products. Similarly, we use location-based applications to direct consumers looking for restaurants, theaters, stores, etc. to potential clients around the merchant area. Customers value such services because they provide an engaging method for obtaining instant rewards while also allowing them to track trends within their peer group.
  • Direct Mailing
    We use direct mailings to deliver merchant messages, discounts, coupons and offers to consumers.
  • In-person
    We undertake in-person marketing campaigns, typically visiting consumers' homes when we deliver mobile packages to customers who choose home delivery and offering them additional products and services that we believe would be complementary to their mobile packages or that we believe a consumer would be receptive to based on our demographic and purchasing behavior profile in our database.
  • Telephone
    Telephone direct marketing is an important channel through which we contact consumers. Our database typically includes at least one and sometimes multiple phone numbers for a given consumer or household, often a home and/or mobile phone number.

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Customer Retention Services

We offer ongoing customer support services to customers acquired through our data-driven multi-channel direct marketing solutions. We provide client and customer support services to ensure a high level of satisfaction for our clients. Our support offerings include phone support, self-help support on our web site and e-mail support. Our customer support team primarily engages in handling customer service calls, including billing and customer complaints. Our support team also conducts phone surveys regarding our services and the services provided by China Unicom.

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