Loyalty Alliance

Data-Driven Customer Loyalty Services

Our customer loyalty program clients are focused on targeting, acquiring and retaining loyal and profitable customers. We develop, implement and manage customer loyalty programs on behalf of our clients.

We work with our clients to design innovative "points" programs that allow a consumer to accumulate points when he purchases products or services. Consumers can use these points to partially or fully offset the cost of future product or service purchases within the client's merchant network. Each product and service within the network has a predetermined point value that is used to determine how many points the consumer must use in order to purchase that specific product or service.

In addition, we have recruited merchants to join the open-loop loyalty program and operate the "privilege" programs implemented by our clients as either an alternative or a supplement to points programs. Our privileges programs offer immediate rewards (such as direct discounts and coupons) that a consumer typically uses soon after making the purchase that gave rise to the coupon or discount. For example, we service kiosks in shopping malls where consumers can enter their unique identifier number and instantly print discounts and coupons for a number of products and services from merchants in those shopping malls that participate in our merchant network to generate new customer leads for those merchants and enhance customer loyalty for our clients.

One of our most popular privileges programs is our discount program. Under this program, participating merchants award discounts to customers whose purchases individually or in aggregate meet or exceed a certain transaction value.

At the center of our loyalty program is our open-loop merchant network of over 3,000 merchants. We have developed this network with an eye towards including merchants that represent a broad cross-section of the products and services that a typical Chinese consumer would use on a daily or periodic basis. When a merchant joins our network, the merchant agrees to be included in our points and privileges redemption system, which will allow customers to redeem points and privileges with the merchant and also allows customers to accumulate points and become eligible for privileges based on purchases that the customer makes with that merchant. When we add a new merchant to our network, we work with the merchant to develop a "points schedule" that assigns a points redemption value to some or all of the products and services offered by the merchant. We also develop a set of coupons and discounts that the merchant will accept from customers in our loyalty program.