Loyalty Alliance

Our Database & Technology

We believe that our customer database is one of the most robust and dynamic customer databases in China developed and maintained by an independent data-driven multi-channel direct marketing and customer loyalty services provider.

Our consumer information database contains demographic, purchasing and other similar information on consumers in the regions of China. Our database has profiles of millions of consumers in main cities of China. We capture consumers and their spending behaviors information including but not limited to name, physical and email address, age, gender, income, spending patterns, payment methods, loyalty points acquisition and redemption histories, mobile roaming history, monthly mobile services package type, monthly bill and mobile data and voice usage. We continually add to this database as we obtain additional customer information from existing customers and new customers that we acquire on behalf of our clients. We systematically update customer information in our database through post-sales interactions and follow-up marketing and loyalty program initiatives. The information in this database allows us to refine our predictive data analytics capabilities and thereby enhance our direct marketing and customer loyalty programs for our clients with an increasingly targeted approach.

We have developed a proprietary technology platform that allows us to effectively capture consumer information through customer interaction and analyze this information and create effective data-driven multi- channel direct marketing campaigns and loyalty programs tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. We use a business intelligence tool to identify, obtain, manipulate and analyze the data in our database. In addition, we have developed a set of software applications that we use to provide the search parameters for our business intelligence tool when we wish to obtain and analyze consumer data. Every application is a predesigned set of queries and instructions to search for specific types of information and specific types of data correlation. By using these applications as building blocks to set the parameters of our search and retrieval instructions, we are able to efficiently and quickly obtain and analyze consumer information on behalf of our clients.