Loyalty Alliance

Company Overview

We are a leading provider of data-driven multi-channel direct marketing and customer loyalty solutions in the mobile telecommunications sector in the high-growth China market. We also have a growing predictive data analytics business that we launched in the first quarter of 2010. We have developed and continue to maintain a dynamic proprietary database of highly localized and valuable demographic and behavioral attributes of millions of consumers in affluent regions of China.

With our proprietary database, technology and data analytics capabilities, we develop, implement and manage programs that help our clients identify, acquire and retain loyal and high value customers. We facilitate and manage interactions between our clients and their customers through a variety of marketing and customer-retention channels. Through these customer interactions, we capture important demographic and behavioral attributes about these customers that allow us to continuously build and improve our proprietary database and the efficacy of our solutions.

We use our analytics capabilities to help our clients become more customer-focused by developing direct marketing and customer loyalty programs tailored to each client's unique needs as these clients address the rapid growth and increasingly discerning preferences of Chinese consumers. Our services allow our clients to analyze customer behaviors, create better products and services, and develop compelling marketing programs to effectively attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged.